Spring Shop Update!

As I move closer to my 3rd year in business, I feel things shifting internally and physically in the shop. The shop shelves are full – when I opened my goal was to stock 500 frames and I finally surpassed that number. Frames go flying out the door, on your faces, shortly after they arrive and it has been a bigger challenge than I thought, to build inventory. Things selling quickly has been an amazing problem to have, thank you, Central Coast, for loving what we bring!

I feel imposter syndrome quietly tip-toeing out of my system and confidence slowly warming. Letting go if the “what if I fail” and processing the “I won’t!” with each choice I agonize over. Stepping onto a solid foundation and dropping the insecurity. I think insecurity made me careful, and it wasn’t a bad thing. It was important for me to be careful, and baby steps helped me grow confidence gradually. I am really happy to be here going strong, and to look ahead to year 3 with strength. COVID taught us all that the unknowns can happen at any time, that the world could shut down and suddenly we may worry about having enough toilet paper, but I can truly say that staying in the moment is a lesson I took away from that travesty, and in this moment, I am proud and thankful!!

On the thankful note, in February, we joined up with Family Care Network in fundraising. A percentage of our sales for the month went to this lovely organization, who provides support to foster kids, homeless families, and really so many people in need of support. It was an honor to have a very busy month and to be able to donate over $2,600 directly to our community. Thanks for showing up! I also pushed through the discomfort to do a radio interview with them and did one of those awkward photo ops with a giant check. I almost said no to both, but I think anything that can bring notice to this amazing organization is good stuff. With my past in foster care/adoption, it truly warmed my heart that we could help make a difference those those who are in these hard situations.

I’m excited to announce we have invested in a new line of eyewear. Hailing from New Orleans, Krewe is well known for their sunglasses and they have amazing optical frames as well. Their colors are layered and textured and I’m 110% sure you all will love them. I expect them to arrive early April, follow along on social media, either Facebook or Instagram, to watch for the arrival notice. I’m already drooling thinking of opening that box!

We also brought in a beautiful collection of leather cases from Diffuser Tokyo, this includes cases that hold 5 pairs and some leather stands perfect for a dresser or nightstand to hold your eyewear collection.

Here’s to spring, sunshine and green and warm long evenings! I love living and working in Atascadero!