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Krewe, designed in New Orleans. Specs carries their optical and sunglass line. Instead of buying a house, owner Stirling Barrett invested his savings in the very first batch of KREWE frames and got his start with a mobile cart attached to a bike, selling them at festivals around New Orleans. Decadent colors and textures, eye-catching shapes and patterns. Small batch production, independent always. 


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Theo, pronounce Tay-oh, is made in Belgium, with hours and days of attention to every detail. Theo is made with the individual in mind. The rep told me that they don’t make posters with beautiful models wearing their frames, because they want their frames to be individually yours, to be expressive of who YOU are, not idealized on perfection. Embrace our uniqueness. 

Theo Eyewear

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Rose & Co was founded by David Rose, an eyewear industry veteran. ROSE & CO is the result of a career that paid attention to every detail along the way—keeping notes on what matters most. Ultimately, ROSE & CO was created to offer the highest quality eyewear for everyone to enjoy—to feel comfort, to be themselves, and see life clearly. 

Rose & Co

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Handmade in a small factory in the mountains of France, Anne et Valentine is the lovechild of 2 opticians - marrying style and vision to create art for the face. They believe a frame should not only flatter and complement, but express who you really are. 

Anne et Valentin

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Sustainable sunglasses - mineral glass lenses offer exceptional optical clarity. Acetate is made out of renewable soft wood, cases created out of pineapple, yes pineapple...and cleaning cloths made out of recycled water bottles. Not compromising quality, high fashion you can feel good about. 

Just Human

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Family owned since 1905, Masunaga Optical is the only company in Japan that has a factory in charge of all processes from raw materials to production and finish in an integrated way. The system improves the detail and quality. Titanium and acetate frames have subtle and beautiful engraving, truly making them an heirloom for your face.  


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AHLEM was launched in 2014 by Paris-born, Los Angeles-based designer Ahlem Manai-Platt. Rigorous attention to detail, insistence on exceptional materials, commitment to sustainable methods, and an abiding obsession with arts and culture combine to inform AHLEM’s vision.


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Instead of adhering to fads and trends, VUE DC envisions bold, timeless designs for a clientele seeking to set themselves apart from the crowd. Contemporary and exclusive, VUE DC eyewear is entirely handmade in France. 


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Quintessentially California, channeling sun, sand & waves. Known for their sunglasses which use only Zeiss lenses for clarity and eye protection, Specs by Kyla will also be carrying their harder-to-find optical line.


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 The ALBA Optics team proudly stands behind athletes all over the world, with a profound respect for those who strive to improve their performance and realize their dreams. They focus on offering a design product that is beautiful and meets the highest performance standards possible. They share a passion for cycling culture, outdoor sport and nature. 

Alba Optics

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Sustainably-made wood eyewear from Madrid, Spain. Lightweight, unique, fully customizable made from Finnish birch. Blending the finesse of craftsmanship and technical precision to create unique and distinctive glasses that exude quality and sensitivity. 

Nina Mûr

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Unlimited variations - Made in Switzerland.
Consistently minimalist. Comprised of only a few, innovative parts that combine to form ultralight eyewear. Multifaceted diversity for confident personalities.


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Made in Germany, assembled in Barcelona, minimal yet edgy styling. Built with technical precision. Built to last. Manufactured from a single sheet of steel, without welding, without screws. Glasses so light that you will not notice that you are wearing them.


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Optician owned, based in Portland, OR, 141 means One for One, for each frame purchased, one is given to someone in need. The plastic frames are crafted out of Ultem, which was created for aircraft originally; for its extreme durability and lightweight features. 

141 Eyewear

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My first venture into eyewear for kids, this line also carries styles that work for petite faces and teens. Style and personality, here ya go. French. Quality. Replaceable spring hinges and comfortable rubber temples. I've had lots of experience fitting kids and will make it a fun experience for us all. And make sure they can see clearly and be comfortable!

Very French Gangsters

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