Happy Clients

Kyla is by far the best optician I've ever worked with. I'm extremely picky about my glasses — both how they look and how they function — and Kyla always made sure they are absolutely perfect every time. It’s a bonus that she’s also a delightful person. I really appreciate how she makes shopping for glasses such an enjoyable experience.

nancy bruce

Everyone who wears glasses should have an optician like Kyla on their side! Glasses can be a significant investment. Kyla is so fun to work with and has an excellent eye for style. Where she has really shined is in helping me with maintenance. I'm not kind to my frames, and she always revives them from my most recent escapade, saving me time and money. What's more is that she knows me so well now, that when I was ready for a new pair of frames, she selected features that fit my needs and I have glasses that can stand up to anything and look great on me!

jennifer oquendo

Who knew that shopping for new specs could be this fun?
Do yourself a favor and check out Specs By Kyla in Atascadero. She has created such an amazing space in North County that makes you want to keep coming back for more - literally.
When it comes to buying frames, Kyla's years of experience, gut intuition for what will be popular, and her authentically amazing personality, makes shopping for specs comfortably awesome. 

adriane landreth

Kyla helped me open my practice, Envision Eyecare, in Asheville, NC in 2008. Kyla has a way to connect with others that's genuine, from the heart and warm. She wants the highest and best good for everyone she works with, client or vendor. It's also remarkable that in the day and age where loyalty to a job and the eye care field is fleeting, Kyla has shown persistence and consistency in the practices lucky enough to have her on their team.

I'm so proud of her for having the courage to open her own small business. 

larry golson, OD

As a health care professional, I understand the importance of having staff that can display empathy and understanding for patients, in addition to knowledge of the field or specialty. These are qualities openly displayed by Kyla Skinner.
From our initial appointment, my wife and I have had nothing but fantastic experiences with Kyla. She has been very open to explaining anything she could to us, as well as going the extra mile to make sure we have a pleasant experience. She was consistently positive and displayed a great sense of humor.

frank denoff

My dealings with Kyla have been pleasurable indeed. She is a true professional; polite, courteous and knowledgeable in her field. She is confident, attentive and well spoken when providing information and customer service, while at the same time keeping the atmosphere light and friendly. She is an asset to the community.

valerie noble

Specs by Kyla is a new shop in town, less than 3 miles away and I could not believe the top quality and cool frames that Kyla has available! I didn't have to drive to SLO, 30 minutes away, I just hopped into town. Her prices are so good I bought two pairs. And super important is the attention to the exact fitting of my progressive lenses as well as the frames themselves. I have never had someone be so exacting and I've worn glasses for 57 years! Seriously, she is top notch and we are so lucky to have her in our little town!

denise schryver

You have always worked with me in an extremely professional manner and given me your time even when I’ve walked in without an appointment. Even though I’ve personally had some pretty irregular eye care problems, you have handled the situation with the utmost of care and did not make me feel like I was crazy and I thank you for that.

Continue smiling in life. Thank you again so much for all of your help.

sandy krecioch

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