End of Summer Shop Fun!

I’ve enjoyed connecting with Cindy Hattersley and was honored to have a conversation regarding how to find eyewear that flatters for women over 50. Cindy runs a very popular blog and helps women feel good about themself and find styles that showcase our personalities as we age. This is something that comes up in the shop almost daily, as aging is something we come to grips with every year. As I enter the second half of my 40s, I understand the challenges and strive to make people feel amazing in their eyewear! They really are an accessory that can enhance, flatter and express our individuality! I love helping people find the perfect frames – yes that’s plural, as we can all benefit from more than one pair, depending on our mood and outfit.

Read our conversation here:

Cindy Hattersley’s blog

In other news, we threw a flower party here at the shop last week, for no reason other than I love flowers! I’ve always envisioned I’d have a flower & eyeglass shop but turns out, I don’t have the time to do both. Enter Keri from River Road Flower Farms, she’s also a nurse and mama and somehow manages to grow fields of amazing flowers right outside of Templeton. She brought her decadent goodness to the shop Friday night for a build-your-own-bouquet flower bar, and you guys showed up! It was so much fun seeing your familiar faces in your unique specs and I loved seeing your creativity and flower combinations! Thanks for coming and enjoying the beautiful evening downtown.

A few big things coming up for me, I was accepted into the North County Leadership class, which starts in a few weeks. Looking forward to learning more about how our community is structured and functions, and I’m hoping to learn valuable skills to become a better business person and human in general.

ALSO, Specs is headed to an eyewear show called SILMO in PARIS, YES I’M YELLING! SO excited to search out new frame styles and basically, have my eyes opened to a fresh view and bring it back to our beloved Atascadero. Follow along on my Instagram page if you’d like to see travel pics.

That’s it for now….shop hours will continue as usual thanks to the help of JoAnna and Lorén.