VUE DC french eyewear with locally made macarons

Trunk show success!

50 homemade Macarons devoured, 6 bottles of champagne sparkled, 12 balloons found homes with happy kiddos, with one lost to the sky with tears, thankfully an extra was procured. A multitude of familiar loved faces with amazing frames walked in the door. A plethora of hugs. 25 frames selected. 9 hours full of busy activity and French music played on Spotify. $790 raised for Seneca Families, who supports foster & adoptive families on the central coast.

I had no idea what to expect with Specs first trunk show! I envisioned crickets and quiet with us standing around all day, trying to stay busy. I thought, “well at least we can get all the shelves & glasses cleaned.” HA! You were waiting at the door before I opened and it never stopped, all day! I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love and support, an aura of joy filled the shop as people tried on all.the.frames and chimed in with their opinions on other’s frames. So much fun! Thanks for turning it into an eyewear party that lasted all day!

Thanks also to JoAnna who helped me help everyone and who also surprised me by showing up the next morning to clean up the party aftermath. Michele, the rep for VUE DC and Very French Gangsters was here with her quiet, peaceful, calm experienced demeanor and hundreds of beautiful French frames.

SO happy it was a success and already scheming about the next one, thinking a winter glow dance party featuring Theo‘s fluorescent eyewear. Fun idea, right?

This trunk show was a stretch for me, after a verrrry busy month at the shop, my daughter’s high school graduation, family visiting etc, I had to push myself to make it happen energetically. And every time I challenge myself, push my limits, take the risks, YOU GUYS SHOW UP. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the tippy-toes of my tall head. My whole body is filled with appreciation. To see all of the beloved faces I’ve framed in the past 2 years fills me to the brim.