Maybe the time was now…

Brought this plant friend from home…like most everything else in my shop, it has meaning. It was a gift from a former employer 12 years ago, she’s a bonsai ficus. When we lived near Asheville, NC, I helped an optometrist open a brand new practice, part of my job duties were watering and babying the office plant collection…and even though it was slightly irritating as there was sooooo many other things to do, it was fun and I learned a lot about plants. And I learned more about opening a business. And I learned about myself.

I’ve been thinking, this same doctor has always encouraged me in my dream to open my own optical shop. He’s told me I could do it, for really the past 10 years. But I was always scared to jump! And sometimes I get frustrated with myself, like why didn’t I do this sooner? Why wasn’t I brave & courageous sooner? But, I’ve been pondering how life’s experiences help us grow and mature, and that there was so much value to all of my jobs even though I wasn’t exactly pursuing “my dream”…but maybe I was. Maybe the time was now. That I finally reached that spot in my soul where I could move forward with confidence instead of being scared to death? (Not to say I haven’t been scared, but deep down, I knew I WAS CAPABLE!)

Anyways, if you’ve made it this far in my rambling post, maybe today is where we are meant to be. The lessons we’ll learn, the connections we’ll make. Even if it isn’t exactly where we want to be, we are on the journey to becoming what we are meant to be. And what we are in this moment is worth honoring. 🌱 And this plant friend has quietly waited for her new home, where she was meant to be.