Customer Service – what it means to me…

I’m a habitual smiler. Even with a mask on, I smile…I can’t help it. I walk down the street and I smile at people. I value connecting with others, to make them feel seen….and really I just feel it’s common courtesy to acknowledge others whom we cross paths with in our daily lives.

So, really, nothing irritates me more than walking into a business and being ignored. Not that I think my patronage needs to be acknowledged, but I feel it is part of running a successful business and really just being a nice human, to make people feel welcome and wanted in your space. Even if it’s busy, a smile, head nod or “I’ll be with you shortly” means so much.

I have worked at 5 different eye care practices in my career. Some longer than others. But what me made me love and stay at a job was how welcomed we made patients feel. If they didn’t feel welcome, or treated as a number, or made to wait inordinate amounts of time regularly, they were grumpy and took it out on the usually grumpy staff. And then everyone would complain to the usually grumpy management. I didn’t last long at those jobs. Nobody was happy.

My goal for Specs is to have you feel welcomed, wanted, helped and cared for in a knowledgeable and professional way. I want you to feel like a guest at my home. Not because I want you to buy something, but because I care to make you feel valued. If I’m busy, I will say hi. Offer you something to drink and you can hang out in my comfy chairs until I’m available. I will give you my undivided attention once I am free, to find the perfectly fitting eyewear or address your concerns. I will take my time with your lens measurements and ordering to prevent errors. I will check in your orders with caution, to make sure everything is made correctly according to your prescription. I will notify you of any delays. Honesty and integrity mean so much to me.

I started my own business, not just to make money, but because I absolutely love what I do. I want to feel good about the environment I have created for myself and for you, and where I spend most of my days. I want you to know that I care about how you feel in my space, how you look in your eyewear, how comfortable it is and that your vision is amazingly clear.

All of these things are doable as a new business because I’m not crazy busy and I have the time. But, I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to keep this vision. I will work hard to hire people that share the smile gene and I will eventually go by appointment only, if it gets too busy to help everyone as they walk in. Just as restaurants have to go by reservation only sometimes, to provide a relaxing dining experience, I want your time with me to be relaxing, guided and enjoyable.

I value human connection over most anything else in life. People matter to me and I truly believe that through connecting with others in kindness and care, we can change the world.