As I move closer to my 3rd year in business, I feel things shifting internally and physically in the shop. The shop shelves are full – when I opened my goal was to stock 500 frames and I finally surpassed that number. Frames go flying out the door, on your faces, shortly after they arrive […]

Hi! I try really hard to stay positive but I’ve been pondering this since my husband was injured in November, he cut his finger badly working on our house. We had a trip to the ER, and concurrently, 2 surgeries and LOTS of doctor’s visits. Thankfully he’s doing better and we’re VERY grateful to his […]

My birth mother died December 17, 2019. Ever since, December has been hard for me. As I’ve shared before, I received an inheritance from her & her family which enabled me to start this business. This was a blessing but also felt infused with a guilty sadness, not sure how else to explain it. But, […]

I cannot believe it’s been a year since I opened. So many frames, so many dear faces. I’m so in love with the community I’ve found here in Atascadero and I look forward to many more years. In appreciation, I’d like to invite you to celebrate with me July 5, 2022 at 4:30pm, for appetizers […]

A mother’s love

Jun 29, 2021

I have a story to tell. It’s a true story. It’s my story, and what led me here, to be able to start my own dream business. Four years ago, my sister and I set out to find our birth mom. We found her, we wrote her a letter to tell her thank you for […]