Summer Sunglass Tips!

“Drums please! Summer, summer, summertime” Had to quote one of my favorite songs to blast with the windows down and the sun roof open! Summertime by Will Smith…annnnnnd, I’m probably aging myself. Oh well, worth it.

With the summer sun blazing through after months of rain, I thought I’d share some tips for what to look for in sunglass lenses, there are so many options and picking the right lenses for YOUR eyes can really help you relax!

The sun’s ultra violet rays are known to cause cataracts, pterygium, corneal sunburn, macular degeneration and other not fun things. Quality sunglasses can prevent or slow down these conditions and I always recommend polarized lenses for cutting the bright Central Coast glare. 

Depending on your preference, there are three common colors of polarized lenses. 

  • Grey will block the most light, darkening things the most, and keep colors looking true and natural. Best for bright beach days and full sun. 
  • Brown lenses will increase contrast and make sunsets look stunning. Golfers prefer brown as it increases definition in green turf. Brown is great for days that are overcast or foggy. 
  • Green lenses are similar to grey as far as color definition, and have a more “vintage” vibe. Green is versatile and will provide good contrast, great for sunny and low light conditions. 

Other options can be a mirror treatment, very on-trend right now and it will also block additional glare and light. A back-side antiglare treatment on the lenses will also improve clarity and prevent you from seeing an annoying reflection of your own eye in the lens. 

Also, I just received a fresh new order of Krewe sunglasses, from New Orleans, beautiful colors so good I could eat them. They would make an amazing graduation gift or Father’s Day surprise. Bring a photo of the person you want to surprise and I’ll help you pick out the perfect frame for them. I knock it out of the park 99.5% of the time – and exchanges are welcome within 7 days if they want to pick their own style.

Happy summer Central Coast!