the perfect marriage – frames and lenses

Soooo, you want to get new glasses…all you have to do is find the perfect frame, right? Have fun shopping, order online, whatever…any frame will work, right? Nope. Not only do we need to make sure the frame fits your bridge, the width of your face, the length of the temples are correct to reach appropriately behind your ears…but I’m gonna leave frame fit for another blog post…today I want to focus on your prescription lenses.

When you come in looking at frames, I will ask about your prescription. The frame we select can either make your lenses look really good, or reallllly bad. If you have a higher prescription, selecting the wrong frame can make your lenses look like coke bottles, magnify your eyes like a bug, or be super uncomfy. If you don’t have your written RX with you, I can take a reading of your existing glasses to get a ball park idea of what we will be working with. Once I know the approximate numbers in your prescription, I can guide you to find the perfect frame to match with your RX. (and your style!)

If your prescription is higher, it is crucial to make sure your eyes are fairly centered in the lens. This will reduce lens thickness and decrease cosmetic distortion of your face & eyes when people look at you. We also want to consider how the edges of your lenses will look. Especially for people with myopia (nearsighted), the larger we go on frames, the thicker your lenses will be on the outer edge. A plastic (acetate, zyl) frame will hide more of that lens thickness. Minimal metal frames will make the lens edges more noticeable.

So say you’ve fallen in love with a frame that isn’t perfect for your RX…what can we do? As long as the frame fits your face well, my lab can work magic sometimes. Technology has allowed them to reduce thickness, a hi index 1.74 lens with an edge polish and anti-glare can make your lenses look amazing! Just like marriage, sometimes it takes a little (or a lot) more work to perfect the relationship. 😉 I recently had a cool guy come in and we tried on a Lool frame, an oversized modern aviator with super minimal styling. The frame actually sits into a groove in the lens which can tend to make the lenses thicker. The frame looked soooooo good on him and fit his face perfectly, his RX was higher than I liked for the style, but he trusted me to pick the lenses best for him….so we did it. AND THE LAB DELIVERED PERFECTION. I was so happy with how they turned out. You can still see the lens thickness but it looks like jewelry in my opinion, like the beveling/faceting of a diamond.

Ultimately, my goal is to have you seeing crystal clear and to have you looking like a rockstar in your eyewear. If you trust me with your vision and style, I will do everything possible to make that happen!

Thanks for a great start to my new business in 2021, I’m so excited to grow with the community in 2022 and frame even more of your beautiful faces!