Why does independent matter?

At Specs, I’ve committed to only carrying independent eyewear lines. What does this mean? Most of the popular brand names you see in eyewear are owned by one large monopoly. They own stores, they own insurance companies, they own lens labs. They have purchased the brand rights and mass produce eyewear and charge way more than what the sup-par quality is worth. You’re paying for the name, not quality. I’ve adjusted hundreds, maybe thousands of frames in my optical career, and as soon as I hold a pair of frames in my hands, I can sense the quality of the materials. Better quality means it will last longer, fit better, just feel better on your face. They are easier for me to adjust and repair. Think of a dreamy rich leather bag vs a knock off product.

I hesitate to even adjust inexpensive online frames as I’ve literally had them break in my hands, despite how careful I am. The material is just cheap and difficult. I am happy to try to adjust online purchases, but as far as what I offer for sale in my shop, I want to feel good about the quality I’m putting on your face! An investment in your comfort, vision & style.

Also, my passion in my career is people. I love connecting with people. Clients & patients AND the companies I choose to work with. I’ve met the actual owners, or in covid times, talked with them on the phone/online. They’ve explained their manufacturing processes, the materials & techniques used, and their love for the eyewear industry. So overall, love and enthusiasm for quality eyewear backs each line I carry and what Specs stands for.